Big Spider's Back – Warped

For someone not totally enamoured with ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’ I must say I’ve fallen into bed with more of its clones than I care to remember. Perhaps it was the endless chorus of approval that got to me, or maybe it was just the tsunami headfuck of ideas that recalled the endless nights where my brain raced so fast it broke olympic records for events not yet concieved. Regardless, Big Spider’s Back’s ‘Warped’ has hit a chord and Yair Rubinstein ain’t gonna stop until he has evoked holiday time involving sand, sea and coconuts full of brightly coloured poisons. My favourite part comes near the end when the electro nuances suddenly cannibalise each other to leave ding a ling ling expresso version of itself to close the hut for another sunny day. KD

Big Spider’s Back – Warped

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Year: 2009

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