Blak Thor – Rascal

This is so old (2007, internet derived franchises age in dog years) that the thing that announced it ““ the Chamber of Commerce label ““ has crashed and burned. Well, the site has anyway which is a shame because Lucas Jensen (of Venice Is Sinking fame) who ran the joint is a man made up entirely of musical instruments. Blak Thor is/was another of his side projects which yielded several EP’s including one that went by the name of ‘That’s The Thing About Blak Thor’ that came out 21 internet years ago. Blak Thor kept their compositions to a minimum and most had ceased to exist by the 2-minute mark. Flush they were with ideas too, the sort that others would have eloped with or at least used to make the album of their career. ‘Rascal’ reminds me of Folk Implosion’s ‘Natural One’, it’s all over the place but boy does the place look a whole better. KD

Blak Thor – Rascal

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Year: 2007

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