Caribou – Brahminy Kite

I’m definitely a stubborn bastard sometimes; I mean there is no logical reason why I shouldn’t be pouring over the newbie from Caribou with salivating juices threatening to flood the qwerty. Right the way from Manitoba to several Caribou albums I’ve always adored Dan Snaith and his merry band of korg’s. But then the relationship soured with ‘Odessa’ and somehow I feel cheated. FFS it is pathetic, so instead of gorging in pastures new I am chewing the cud with the milk of human kindness or scaling the snowy peaks of Andorra. Today I’m flying a kite, no ordinary kite, a brahminy kite if you don’t mind. As soon as I find out it’s a bird I prey to the almighty barn owl to save me from the destruction of my instincts. How else can I find out whether the once great Caribou has gone into creative hibernation, up in flames as it were? KD

Caribou – Brahminy Kite

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Year: 2005

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