Magic Kids – Summer

In a line-up that would have had hugger in eye-wetting mode the Very Most and Candy Claws sang on the same stage in Boise with these upstarts Magic Kids just last night. I’m sure all who attended will reflect on the occasion years from now and admit they were there; it’s likely that their non-attending friends will lie and admit the same thing. If you’ve read this blog for any considerable time you’ll know the first 2 bands mentioned above as well as your extended family yet Magic Kids remain a mystery. That won’t be the case for long given the prettiness of songs like ‘Summer’, an old time Belle & Sebastian roll with more moving parts than an Octopus caught up in a field of seaweed. Given their influence and location it would be so easy to coin a new genre for them, Memphis Belle, but given we’ve more to do than go all NME on you we’ll desist. Instead focus on the picture above and ask yourself did they get detention for that targeted destruction of school property? KD

Magic Kids – Summer

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Year: 2010

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  1. September 13, 2010

    Thank you for the kind words Mr. Hugger! The only thing that could have made that night better would have been you there. Oh, that, and about 150 more people. :)

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