The Coral – Walking In The Winter

Mani is generally about as reliable as Noel Gallagher in bestowing greatness. So I hardly broke a sweat to hear the new Coral record ‘Butterfly House’ on foot of his fanciful claims that it was the best record since the Roses’ debut. It’s not, in fact it’s not even close but it is still a charming collection of jangling 60’s retroactivity. To date it was their short and quite magical ‘In The Morning’ that I held closest to my heart but it has a competitor in ‘Walking In the Winter’ from the new record. And it’s probably not even the most striking effort but there is something so cherubic and loveable at work, like one of the better tunes from the first Alfie album. There’s strings to boot making up a package that could pass you by but could just as easily make your day. Might have to buy Mani a bass after all. KD

The Coral – Walking In The Winter

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Year: 2010

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