The Magic Numbers – Take A Chance

I wouldn’t trust my daughter with anyone called Romeo either but what can you do when the chap can write top songs at the drop of a hat to win her heart? Or so it used to be when Stodart and co. surfed a wave of exuberant acclaim. That was 2005 and despite 2 albums since the buzz surrounding the Magic Numbers is altogether a more deflated affair. I actually preferred their second album ‘Those The Brokes’ but then they were probably pushing things by releasing it so soon after their all-conquering self-titled debut. Difficult to work out how this fame lark presents itself but while we ponder there are songs as effortless and jolly as ‘Take A Chance’ to nod along to. Pretty instrumental patterns so joyfully augmented by neatly appointed male/female vocals are all wrapped up in a speeding ball of candyfloss. Suitable if you’re not ealing sinister. KD

The Magic Numbers – Take A Chance

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Year: 2006

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