Happiness: The Hormones – Stay Ahead

The doom and gloom is really getting intolerable. Turn on the TV and its 5 billion here, 10 billion there, open a newspaper and its batten down the hatches for the imminent budget to arrest the unprecedented economic crash. Taking the haircut has never been so unpalatable, so much so that I write this with 2 hairclips, borrowed from the little ones carry bag, damming what is an unstoppable rush of fringe. So in a hastily organised scheme to guide thoughts away from all matters fiscal this blog will be hosting a week of the happiest songs that we can lay our ears on (with the clever tagline of ‘Happiness’). As the days roll by all thoughts of Cowen and his cohort of bovine wonders will be shelved with the fastidiousness of the proposed hardback by Wayne Rooney titled ‘My Fergie, My King’. Our opening salvo comes courtesy of Marc Carroll and the Hormones who made lots of Friends stateside in the late 90’s. My favourite Carroll moment came much earlier however when he fronted Puppy Love Bomb and wrote the effervescent ‘Bobby Milk’ EP. Thankfully he is still writing tunes so lets hope his talent gets the recognition it deserves. KD

The Hormones – Stay Ahead

More Info: Official Buy Songs: The Hormones
Year: 1998

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