Happiness: The Very Most – Sweater

It would have been so easy to fill all 7 days of our Happiness week with songs from Jeremy Jensen’s songbook. In the interest of fairness though we decided that ‘Sweater’ was the obvious choice to illustrate the bounce that the Very Most are capable of. I can only recall 2 other songs about pullovers (Sultans of Ping and Weezer) off the top of my head so when the Very Most sang about their favourite piece of apparel it almost seemed off the cuff (!). Typically the Boise indie-poppers provide lyrics that are both sweet and funny but ‘Sweater’ goes one better by including a cast of dozens for the jamboree revelling at its core. This could easily enliven a grey evening and even spur those not inclined to handclaps into a frenzy of open palm gesticulation. KD

The Very Most – Sweater

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Year: 2009

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