Hopewell – Contact

Sunday evenings were just made for retro silliness and as we’re on the eve of the reissue of the Sewing Room’s ‘And Nico’ this might just be the thing to get you in that way things used to be mood. But first, take a peek at the inspiration from 80’s TV (yeah, it had me spellbound in 2 channel land all those years ago even if the bullfrog was a little unsettling). The splendid cover comes from Hopewell (having formed in 1993 they would have taken in the TV programme giving the piece the required authenticity) who not only retain the twee nerdiness of the original but also give it a spankingly loud anthemic quality. Hopewell lead man Jason Russo actually started out with Mercury Rev, explaining the appearance of Dave Fridmann as producer on several of their records. Science was never this interesting. KD

Hopewell – Contact

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Year: 1998

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