Modest Mouse – Gravity Rides Everything

I picked ‘The Moon & Antarctica’ up in a shoebox in temple bar square and despite absolutely adoring every second it marked both the beginning and end of my flirtation with Modest Mouse. Not sure why, delving further might have tarnished our near perfect relationship I suppose. So odd really but then Modest Mouse are no ordinary band to award your fanship. For one it has at various times featured excerpts from the Smiths and Grandaddy. Lead singer Issac Brooks is a ticket too, deciding that ‘The Moon & Antarctica’ should become overtly instrumental while at the same time nursing a broken jaw (clever clever). The second track ‘Gravity Rides Everything’ is classic slacker rock, shuffling through a series of wondering peaks and troughs. KD

Modest Mouse – Gravity Rides Everything

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Year: 2000

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  1. October 29, 2010

    So, he had a broken jaw for the recording of this album, huh? Well, it kinda sounds like he has a broken jaw for all of their albums, or at least a a jaw that’s been wired shut. I kid, I kid. I loved Modest Mouses albums up through “The Moon and Antarctica,” but they lost their poppiness, IMO and just got gradually more and more boring. You should hear some of their really early stuff like “Dukes Up” if you haven’t.

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