Solar Eclipse – From Here To Enlightment

Another friggin draw from the elusive jaws of victory, another two points down the plughole and yet more evidence against the case to canonise Robbie Keane. Watching Ireland play is like having your joyful senses pulled apart mercilessly by a slowly moving herd of dray horses. The result means we’ve got to hang on until March before the next chapter of this adventure witnessed through 5 sweaty fingers and a tuft of ruffled hair unravels in such a ridiculously comic way. And that’s before you realise that Macedonia much like our robster were equally ineffective from 10 yards. The most surprising thing of course is that we still get frustrated with this state of affairs given that much the same scenario has revealed itself umpteen times over the last decade. I find the best thing to do in situations like this is to seek out some German electro from yesteryear, turn off the lights and dream of Paris in the the spring (once Thierry has skipped town of course). KD

Solar Eclipse – From Here To Enlightment

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Year: 1995

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