The Hugs – She Was High

Oh what a cute name I thought and wouldn’t it be so ace if the Hugs could make it through our strict filtering process and onto the pages of mp3hugger. Well it only took a cursory few seconds to realise that the Hugs were utterly huggable. Maybe we should form the hugger alliance or something, tonight though I think I’ll just flop around my sitting floor in a middle aged attempt to mimic ‘She’s Was High’s sense of fun and vibrancy. The Hugs are the second Portland band to appear on this blog this week but give the impression that they’d rather be somewhere else. Maybe that’s why they took the title of a Blur song (almost) and turned its psychedelic core into a rainbow coloured sing-a-along. Who said youth was wasted on the young? KD

The Hugs – She Was High

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Year: 2009

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  1. October 8, 2010

    Cool track! Upload more please!

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