Carolyn Sills – George Bailey

So the house of cards that was Ireland fiscal well-being has finally come crashing down. God knows what awaits us now that the vultures are circling. Perhaps we’ll again become the people that was loved the world over, happy with our lot and not trampling our neighbours to fill our boots with the loot. In the end it will take a malevolent force to bail us out and the repercussions will ripple through Irish society for a decade at least. Thank the lord then that the news came now and not in January as we’ve got the festive season to shield us from the real world. And to kick start the party here is a delightful piece of hokum from Santa Cruz artist Carolyn Sills called ‘George Bailey’. In fact it is so note perfect in its retro stylings were Spector not incarcerated I’m sure he could have had a ready-made star for a reworked ‘A Gift For You’. Mostly is a wonderful life. KD

Carolyn Sills – George Bailey

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Year: 2007

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