Deerhunter – Desire Lines

Despite initially sounding all the world like a geriatric ‘Rebellion (Lies)’ Deerhunter’s ‘Desire Lines’ does an about turn to instead fall into the arms of Sonic Youth. And for all that the band I most associate with them is Pavement for they are, within the space of a couple of songs, capable of writing the prettiest song flush with vivid melody and one you’d likely bring to the toilet in an effort to shift the cramps. It is very frustrating and all too apparent on their generally wonderful current album ‘Halcyon Digest’. This is perhaps my fave (along with ‘Memory Boy’) for it beats like all great indie anthems should with bulbous guitar lines and swaggering vocals. Deerhunter are as good as 2010 gets, if they could just paper over their idiosyncratic tendencies then we’d be talking all time. KD

Deerhunter – Desire Lines

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Year: 2010

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