Four Tet – Plastic People

We’ve dabbled with Four Tet a couple of times before because Hebden is capable of greatness. Unfortunately it’s what happens between the greatness that bothers us enough to not laud him for the genius he may well be. This years ‘There Is Love In You’ is perhaps the one LP that we’ve toyed with the most but inevitably it was thrown out of the pram before too long. The only difference this time though was that it left enough of a mark to ensure return visits. These have seen us fall head over for the closing trio of tracks (including the untitled hidden track) with ‘Plastic People’ (the name of the club in London where Kieran DJ’s) particularly arousing our inner dancing gombeen. I don’t take illicit drugs but if I did this would be playing in the background. Maybe there’s love in me after all. KD

Four Tet – Plastic People

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Four Tet
Year: 2010

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