Glossies – Glossy Xmas

I’m not sure if there are many people in the world who think Scott Masson is a musical genius but there is at least one and you are reading him now. Not only does the Detroit based artist throw open the gates to the urban field he cultivates with colourful melodies under his Office project but he also has a side project known as Glossies. An entirely ridiculous name I know but who cares when you’ll be kissing your love under the mistletoe with ‘Glossy Xmas’ on the stereo (note the jolly holiday parts where a kissing moratorium must be observed and replaced by inane grass skirtesque swivels). Masson writes an entertaining blog at his site where he decries the loss of magic that people’s short attention spans have had on albums. He himself has decided to just focus on individual tracks from now on (ADD’s up I guess) and what a glorious flotilla of ditties awaits us. KD

Glossies – Glossy Xmas

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Year: 2009

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