Hamfatter – The Girl I Love

As part of my daily crunch I try to clean out the tags on the countless songs that are arrive inbox inadequately labelled. On inspection this perfect little nugget from Hamfatter expressed the notion that the recording was owned by one Hamfatter Ltd. Little surprise really given that the band received a sizeable investment from Peter Jones via Dragon’s Den in 2008. The grands’ that came for free barely impacted on the trio unfortunately and if anything what was recouped from the business world was quickly eroded by its sneering musical equivalent. Shame really because Hamfatter are a decent act as evidenced by ‘The Girl I Love’ (written post Jones injection it must be said), something that would be equally as comfortable on a 9am as a 9pm playlist. Perhaps the lads could borrow a phrase from another similar BBC programme and show Mr. Jones the door. There should really be no limits in their world. KD

Hamfatter – The Girl I Love

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Year: 2008

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  1. November 29, 2010

    IMHO, don’t like such kind of vocals.

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