Insect Guide – Bats

There’s no doubting Leeds’ Insect Guide harbour desires for past decades and given the dearth of contemporary movements who could blame them. The fact that they include the drummer from the Pale Saints helps to bridge the gap of course yet there is so much more to ‘Bats’ that is admirable. For one Su Sutton’s vocals are an able match for the densely fuzzed out chords and the impression is that of a Jesus & Mary Chain tune were Hope Sandoval given vocal domination. This should appeal to fans of Sweet Jane, an Irish act that convey a similiar post shoegaze sound. ‘Dark Days & Nights’, Insect Guide’s second album, is out now on the Ian Brown franchised Squirrel Records. KD

Insect Guide – Bats

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Insect Guide
Year: 2010

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  1. November 23, 2010

    Wow! Like your stuff!
    Bass sounds like “The Cure”!

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