My Disco – Closer

Ahhh Temporary Residence, that great Brooklyn institution that is home to noisemakers of fine distinction. As I wrote that line it suddenly dawned on me that I had lumped all the bands I knew from TR (EITS, the Books, Grails, Kenseth Thibideau and Eluvium) into a train of thought that was missing most of its carriages. Perhaps they had a sizable catalogue of innovative dubstep operators or a hidden seam of underground hip-hop mavericks. Off I trundled to the site and over half a dozen clicks later I realised my initial assumption was pretty sound. Not that I’d be falling for all their artists but not many labels can capture the heart of hugger with such a tight grip. So in an effort to add another one to above list they’re admirable list of free mp3s was perused and out popped the previously unbeknownst act of Melbourne’s My Disco. ‘Closer’ is from their 3rd album ‘Little Joy’ and is almost primeval in its use of traditional instruments. It’s also not exactly a tune to wash down your Sunday roast but then we were never ones to be found in the kitchen at party’s. KD

My Disco – Closer

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Year: 2010

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