The Lovemakers – Misery Loves Company

Sometimes it seems that love is just not enough as proven by the Lovemakers who drew their last breath as a band on NYE 2009. Scott Blonde and Lisa Light (the aforementioned lovemakers) earned that moniker too having drawn the wrath (which ultimately led to their expulsion from an earlier band) for getting it on when they were meant to be striking a different kind of chord altogether (during band practise). ‘Misery Loves Company’ was the title track from the California acts penultimate album in 2007 and is a tour de force of hormonal energy. It sparks like an Irish city as the prohibition on fireworks is temporarily lifted early evening during Halloween. KD

The Lovemakers – Misery Loves Company

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Year: 2007

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  1. November 1, 2010

    That’s a pretty awesome song K, and I’m struck by how much the dude looks like a totally-stoned, early 90s-era, Robert Forster! :)

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