The Society of Rockets – We

Owing to the crippling insurance claims in the wake of numerous tongue trips Shimmer Kids Underpop Association decided it easier to remain in business as the Society of Rockets. That nomenclature also afforded them the opportunity to shorten their naming structure to Society thereby greasing entry into celebrity haunts. Seems to have worked as they have a new LP called ‘Future Factory’ that is worming its way into the right ears. Listening to ‘We’ this turn of events is not at all surprising given that it reminisces on ye olde Stereolab sound (before they grew up and decided to write real but pointedly dull compositions). Yep, there ain’t a decipherable lyric but who cares when night becomes day-glo with this on the turntable. KD

The Society of Rockets – We

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Year: 2010

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