Windings – Old Like J

I was toying with changing the font for this piece before discovering the magic of blogger doesn’t extend to such japes. Doesn’t stop me from thinking of a thousand other attempts at bad humour based on the misspelling of Steve Ryan’s Windings. Now if only Times New Viking would accede to his requests for a double bill. The Limerick band started life as a side project away from giveamanakick but with the latter’s demise it now holds court. Lucky us because debut album ‘It’s Never Night’ is a clever little recording, mostly quiet but quietly confident at the same time. Lead single ‘Old Like J’ wears its Sufjan worship on its sleeve and comes with a lovely lo-fi video. Might be going out on a limb here but Windings are proving they are indeed true types. KD

Windings – Old Like J

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Year: 2010

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