Amy Bezunartea – All The Things We Were Supposed To Be

Seems I am incapable of extricating myself from the sound of Christmas or in this case from the songs whose natural habitat is forever blanketed in fluffy ice matter. ‘All The Things We Were Supposed To Be’ is really quite heartbreaking and is taken from Amy Bezunartea’s current album ‘Restaurant & Bars’. Being someone who has never picked up as much as a triangle I am obviously open to contradiction but it sounds like this song is composed purely of a voice and some sparse piano keys. Why then am I so teared up that a trip outside in the subzero could render my eyes as close to their teddy equivalent as to have our little bundle plucking them from my head with barely a second thought for the future footballing exploits of her dearest daddy. All told this is a pretty devastating piece of music. KD

Amy Bezunartea – All The Things We Were Supposed To Be

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Year: 2010

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