Darker My Love – Snow Is Falling

37 hours of snow and already people here in Dublin are saying that Bing’s ‘White Christmas’ is giving them the chills. We are truly a funny sort, spend the whole year dreaming of a white one and then when it happens we’re complaining about leaky boots and slippy pedestrian thoroughfares. That gorgeous Guinness ad that used to send shivers down our spine is now doing exactly the same thing. No mind, here is a new entry in the classic crimbo collection from L.A. rockers Darker My Love. They wrote the song for a free Christmas album being pushed by of all things a big shop called Target. It ends up being totally wonderful, intensely happy and richly melodic, just perfect for a nation hung up on frozen fingertips and horses that should really be inside on subzero nights like this. Love you this time of the year. KD

Darker My Love – Snow Is Falling

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Year: 2010

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