Lohio – Waiting For The End Of The Summertime

Not sure what kept me from their door for so long, I mean I’d gotten serious prompts from someone I respect and yet I turned my cheek and chased the indie dragon elsewhere. Thankfully a rumble through a miscellaneous bunch of mp3’s set me on the right road and Pittsburgh’s Lohio are now painting a Technicolour (not sure whether to drop the U or not) canvass for my ears. This beaut is taken from their self-titled debut EP that came out last year (a newbie called ‘Family Tree’ has since dropped, more soon) and contains most of the ingredients of an indie pop classic. One such characteristic being that of salivation creation, in that the tune seems to end way too quickly and no amount of rambunctious repeat plays can sully its bright exterior. Joy to the world. KD

Lohio – Waiting For The End Of The Summertime

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Year: 2009

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  1. December 10, 2010

    Sounds interesting. I am going to give this band a try and I might like them. Thank you for sharing!

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