Primal Scream – Shine Like Stars (Empire State Human Remix)

Before it was turned into Japanese whale meat actually contained some cool remixes (undeniably not sanctioned) by the Glasgow band who trade under the name of Primal Scream. I visited on occasion but purely for the kicks supplied by the Screamadelica reimaginings. The band have never quite come close to replicating the magic of the grooves inherent in that release so it made my little ticker go pitter patter when news broke that they are to tour the album from start to finish. It was the occasion of Feile, in a soon to be redeveloped hurling field, in the early 90’s that I witnessed my favourite gig of all time. Bobby and Denise led the troops immaculately and even though the crowd had thinned to near baldness levels they still served up a quasi-religious level of devotion in the direction of the Glaswegian’s. Still get tingles thinking about it, not least for the positive effect it also had on my normally muck adoring chums of the time. Here is a neat little uplifting number that takes the normally sedate ‘Shine Like Stars’ and turns it into something altogether more bombastic. KD

Primal Scream – Shine Like Stars (Empire State Human Remix)

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Year: 1991 & 2005

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