Venice Is Sinking – The Grey Line

Besides Low’s ‘Just Like Christmas’ no contemporary festive number has hit me quite like Venice Is Sinking’s ‘The Grey Line’. Now while I like my December party numbers to be weighed down with sleigh bells as much as the next person there are times when the alternative can be just as satisfying. And what a heart filling distraction this song is, it’s completely perfect even before the trumpet kicks in at fade out and when it does I consistently fail to hold back on emotions not normally the preserve of a grown adult. It has so infected my pre Christmas psyche that I have resolved to feature the song henceforth on this blog for every year that it roams the web. So until we meet again in 12 months time thank you Daniel, Karolyn, Lucas, Jeremy, James and Aaron. By the way we’re snowed in here again so looks like work is kaput early this year. Yippee. KD

Venice Is Sinking – The Grey Line

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Year: 2007

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  1. December 21, 2010

    Vocals are very good!
    Nice song.

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