Belle & Sebastian – Expectations

I’d bought ‘If You’re Feeling Sinister’ after being swung by the positive press but it was hardly love at first sight. As I placed the boombox on the ironing board (it offered the best acoustics in our place at the time) a creeping doubt set in. I didn’t like Stuart Murdoch’s vocals, I’d been witness to fey before but he was a complete dunaway. As my friends drifted in from town my rank in the group slithered to unaccustomed shallows as I persisted with the album. Now at the time we had temporily switched our allegiances to dutch trance so ‘Judy And The Dream of Horses’ didn’t exactly fit protocol. Slowly though over an evening spent alternating between Beam (not I&W I might add) and Daniels the Glaswegians vision took hold and between wet floors, broken glass and calls to ladies who had long since forgotten who we were we all sang ‘Stars of Track and Field’. It was a seminal moment and something that meant my heart was their’s until the rot crept in a couple of albums back. Here is ‘Expectations’ from their college project ‘Tigermilk’ in glorious low bitrate ““ the way it was meant to be. KD

Belle & Sebastian – Expectations

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Year: 1996

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