Celebration – I Will Not Fall

When a band are this flush with ideas they are worth the effort. Celebration delve in just out of focus patterns, drifting dollops of scuzz that intersect occasionally to a form a blaze of sucrose uniformity. And the complexities don’t end there as Katrina Ford, Sean Antanaitis and David Bergander appear hellbent on releasing their new album bound by the concept of the tarot card. If that is not too much absorb then the good news is that the music is wonderful (and free unless you want the vinyl version), I mean really wonderful if you are willing to let it reveal itself. Imagine Beach House (with a Velvet Underground/James Bond Opening Sequence persuasion) at their tantalising best. The two are undoubtely close relatives but Celebration were dealt the more experimental hand. ‘Electric Tarot’ is out now on Friends Records. KD

Celebration – I Will Not Fall

Celebration – Shelter

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Year: 2011

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