Faust – Herbststimmung

I’ve given the 2 promo tunes (‘San Pedro’ and ‘Rano Pano’) from Mogwai’s newest some time and although mildly diverting they are sadly a diluted version of the band we fell in love with years ago. The spark is gone and they have become a perfunctory pleasure. Enter the fray Faust, a band formed the year I was born and while not exactly wedged in the post-rock theatre (Krautrock was there first) play the same hand but with a good deal more invention. ‘Herbststimmung’ is the flag from new LP ‘Something Dirty’ and is a shuddering delight, despite being wordless it spins a cinematic and ingenious tale that’ll have you gasping for breath at the finish. Faust and furious, the way it should be. KD

Faust – Herbststimmung

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Year: 2011

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