Hey Rosetta! – Yer Spring

This is how I imagined Villagers would have sounded instead of the dripfest that was served up on ‘Becoming A Jackal’. You know, music that is as expansive and open as it could be rather than sobbing introspectively under a discoloured duvet. That said for all ‘Yer Spring’s elastic vision it does stray a bit too close to maudlin towards the end (I’m hearing the Frames), up to that point though it’s top marks all around. The song is taken from Hey Rosetta!’s new album ‘Seeds’ which is due in mid February. This is the first time I’ve really dug the Newfoundland’s vision and while I can see how they’ll have their detractors that scenario is hard to avoid when you are successful at what you do. KD

Hey Rosetta! – Yer Spring

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Year: 2011

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