Mitchell Museum – Mission 1

If you’re still not sure of Glasgow’s Mitchell Museum after this one then you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of freebies floating around their bandcamp. We’ve been fans for a while and seeing how the band kindly contributed ‘Warning Bells’ to one of our compilations we feel obliged to let as many know as possible how wonderful they are. Not that we wouldn’t be shouting their name from the rooftops anyway because they are undoubtedly one of the finest purveyors of contemporary indie anthems. Their low profile is hard to figure but if their next record is as good as their debut ‘The Peters Port Memorial Service’ then nothing will stop them. ‘Mission 1’ is big and bold and has a memorable flighty chorus that is surely tailor made for the summer festival season. Less relics than national treasures I think we’ll all agree. KD

Mitchell Museum – Mission 1

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Year: 2010

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