Moro – Embers

So myspace might just have a role to play after all and given it is about 50 in the Alexa rankings of most popular sites on the web (Facebook is numero uno) lots of people are obviously still using it. Not as a messaging device though owing to the thick layer of spam but as a way of discovering music (if only they had left the download song option there) it has yet to be surpassed (bandcamp is getting there mind you). To emphasise the point I spent about an hour yesterday on a myspace ramble, zigzagging through the profiles of a couple dozen bands. It’s a hugely hit and miss affair but more often than not turns up nuggets of worth. Yesterday’s adventure yielded this monster from Wisconsin’s Moro (I wonder do they nougat?) who are Nolan Thomas and Daniel Smith. The genre they’ve applied to ‘Embers’ is Terror and it’s a good fit but for all its dark recesses it would take a hard heart not to be charmed. Looks like Moro are only starting out so expect more hot coals sometime soon. KD

Moro – Embers

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Year: 2011

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