Reading Rainbow – Euphoria

I know we will be back to them so if Philadelphia’s Reading Rainbow (named after a children’s programme that ended on US TV a couple of years back) don’t grab you on this occasion they will down the line. It’s safe to say we’re fans, appealing as they do to our greying ears where snippets of old sounds that are given fresh paint somehow add a tad of lady grecian to the aforementioned appendages. In this case there is more than a dash of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart but with a satisfying enlarged aorta. The noise while strictly white has that dreamy edge that gives it a soft edge, I mean it could be 1992 were it not for the fact that it hasn’t taken a good deal of >> or << or pencil spooling to get to this gem on a friends mix tape. Lots of colours and it’s not even springtime yet. KD

Reading Rainbow – Euphoria

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Year: 2010

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  1. January 5, 2011

    The song’s pretty good, but the band name’s even better. I watched Reading Rainbow when I was a kid! It was hosted by LaVar Burton, the guy on Star Trek The Next Generation that had the seeing device he had to wear over his eyes.

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