The Online Romance – Ladybug, Don’t Smile

Unless the internet’s collective search enginery are very much wrong it would appear that Portland indie popsters the Online Romance have stalled. Last update suggested a new album nearing completion with ‘Ladybug, Don’t Smile’ being a forerunner for what was to follow. Not a peep for the longest time but a tweet last November would suggest that there are hopeful stirrings. For all our sakes let’s hope the hibernation is temporary because this song is striking. Warmly produced with melodies from top to toe it has the makings of a classic pop song. On this evidence alone I’m sure we’ll be more than maybe-friends for years to come.

Update: Jack from the Online Romance emailed with an update on the state of play with the album, cheers Jack! KD

I realize now that we never posted the news to Twitter that we’d disbanded. (Announced it on Facebook, but neglected to do so elsewhere.) Part of the reason is because a few of us still plan to finish our abandoned album under a different name, but newer projects have taken priority for the moment.

The Online Romance – Ladybug, Don’t Smile

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Year: 2011ish

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  1. January 11, 2011

    This is one Portland band I wish would make it’s way a few hours to the east to Boise.

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