The Parson Red Heads – Got It All

It took about 3 reads before I saw Parson Red Heads instead of Parsnip Red Heads, not that I’ve anything resembling a passion for vegetables, just a minor glitch in ye auld hugger’s speed reading faculties. The miscalculations were all on my side though because this Oregon group (relatives and others) are keen on delivering perfect pop documents. This one comes from their last EP (proper), 2008’s ‘Owl & Timber’, which like all their output wears retrobility right down to its psychedelic drenched artwork. At nearly 5 minutes you might have thought ‘Got It All’ was a bit of a stretch but the spacey doodling is quite the distraction as the second half wears on. KD

The Parson Red Heads – Got It All

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Year: 2008

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