Car Seat Headrest – P.O.W.

No I haven’t been raiding my dad’s 8-track suitcase for gold ““ not unless you’ve a fetish for songs about jumpers written by Val Doonican. Nope this lowest of lo-fi comes from late last year via Will Barnes who comes from the opposite end of the human life-cycle (and even though he has a million ways to social network we never get to see his face). This lost 60’s classic is just something he cooked up before breakfast in the basement proving once again that once the raw talent is there is no reasonable requirement to spend a week in Abbey Road studios to bring it to fruition. And there is a boot full of free albums available from the Car Seat Headrest bandcamp so get exhausted. Some very proud mama and papa out there. KD

Car Seat Headrest – P.O.W.

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Year: 2010

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