Code Pie – Baby (Justin Bieber)

The video for Justin Bieber’s self-titled ‘Baby’ already has 5 million youtube hits and while it doesn’t need another one I decided in the interest of comparison to give it a go. There’s no doubting the boy’s done good for himself and while the backing vocals are fairly ludicrous there are much worse things on daytime radio. Now that the adventure is over, however, I will make a hasty retreat back to the reason why we’re really here. Code Pie from Canada are Indiecater’s latest signing and before they’ve even released a morsel on our label they’ve gone and covered the bieb’s monster smash. This is about as radical (in every sense of the word) as reworkings get, a girl-groupesque rendition that could easily snag some of the young man’s screaming hordes. Code Pie’s utterly fab ‘Love Meets Rage‘ will be released on Indiecater/Flagless Records (CD & Download) in early April when you can expect similiar shrieks of excitement from this neck of the internet. KD

Code Pie – Baby

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Year: 2011

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