Curve – Coast Is Clear

Curve were a strange one, on the face of it they took an exacting ride on the shoegaze zeitgeist of the early 90’s and in Toni Halliday they had the perfect frontwoman for hormonally tortured teenagers but for all that they didn’t leave a great legacy of songs. Perhaps it was their generic sound, they did stand apart but once you heard one Curve song you pretty much had their back catalogue (I’ll preface that by saying I never got into Curve Mk. 2 that covered the late 90’s and early noughties so perhaps they had more ammo). And even that song (which today we’ll call ‘Coast Is Clear’ and is my fave along with ‘Ten Little Girls’) was not something that might readily catch the ear of the casual listener such was its abrasive aesthetics. Negativity aside there was a time when a Curve track nearly always made it’s way onto my mixtape. KD

Curve – Coast Is Clear

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Year: 1991

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