Dylan In The Movies – Josephine If You Only Knew

How cutesy pie to call yourself after a Belle & Sebastian song (well, almost) and to seal the deal by using a similiar song naming convention as adopted by the Scottish troupe. Not that Dylan In The Movies are particulary B&S sounding (in fact Brian Sullivan’s vocals are very close to that of Yan from British Sea Power) as they follow a more direct indie rock route (ok, early B&S then). Sullivan’s gra for writing music came after a period of working in a Boston studio and the contacts he made led to the likes of Tanya Donnelly and Jenny Watson doing guest vocals on his ‘1962’ album from last year. ‘Josephine If You Only Knew’ has really lovely jangly chords, a blindspot we have for no matter what they are surrounded by. Prospective bands take note. KD

Dylan In The Movies – Josephine If You Only Knew

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Year: 2010

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