First Aid Kit – Our Own Pretty Ways

The Söderberg sisters from Stockholm have done well for themselves in attracting a host of impressive labels. First there was an EP on the Knife’s Rabid Records, then UK based Wichita came a runnin’, quickly followed by the ubiquitous Jack White and his Third Man Records (which incidentally includes BP Fallon (my oh my) and chat show host Conan O’Brien on its roster). Several releases were planned for early this year on the latter but as yet nothing has happened so here is a track from way back in 2008 which exemplifies why they are worth the attention. Klara and Johanna produce vocals as fresh and natural as the landscapes in their promo shots and have an ear for simple hooks. ‘Our Own Pretty Ways’ is hushed, demure and effortlessly catchy and is taken from their debut ‘Drunken Trees’ EP. White would be advised to stop sulking, move on and get releasing. KD

First Aid Kit – Our Own Pretty Ways

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Year: 2008

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