Germany Germany – Take Your Time

At an old job of mine I went through of spell of walking there and back with a mixtape of dance classic’s soundtracking my ambulating ways. It had the effect of pumping me up no end so that when I arrived at my colourless destination I was ready for whatever ordinariness came my way. The hit proved far more effective than what the guitar equivalent could supply so it thought me that there was a place for different types of music. And for a time in the early noughties it seemed as if electronica was really where things were going to go. That initial rush from the early part of the century faded but it is a genre that still consistently throws up so many delights. Only this morning I came across these Canadian’s known as Germany Germany who appear to give much of their output away for free. ‘Take Your Time’ is their latest release and has the sort of propulsive energy that could turn any dreary situation into one resembling a scene from Disney’s 4th of July fireworks display. KD

Germany Germany – Take Your Time

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Year: 2011

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