Grandaddy – I’m On Standby

Proving that post prompts can come from every conceivable source I was reminded of the greatness of Grandaddy while browsing the cheap bread shelves in my local food emporium yesterday. At first I didn’t recognise it for it was bookended by the sort of daytime radio dross that rarely penetrates the smokescreen I unleash when entering public places with a wireless (that old new word). By the chorus (and what an Alan Parsons thing going on there) I was switched on again and dreaming of men in beards worried about modern technology and its affect on society (no wonder I plumped for the more expensive wholegrain variety). I was also sad because despite what was likely to be an inevitable heart I still haven’t found it within me to fall for Jason Lytle’s solo excursions (Jim Fairchild’s All Smiles slightly more). Sumday, perhaps. In the meantime there is 4 albums to love over and over again from Modesto’s finest. KD

Grandaddy – I’m On Standby

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Year: 2003

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