Monster Rally – Color Sky

In an vast expanse as varied and unprocessed as the internet it takes a brand of superior oddness to make us fall for an oddity but Monster Rally appear to have hit upon on the perfect formula. Monster Rally is the nomenclature of Ted Feighan and although he never utters a word throughout his fabulous new ‘Coral’ record I already feel like I’ve been on holiday with him. ‘Coral’ is steeped in samples but who cares about that when what results out of the prompts is so goddam groovy. We’re talking tropical calypsonian here, with 4 cocktails before breakfast kind of stylee. It’s hard to choose highlights when doing so would be akin to picking your pet centipede’s most attractive limb but at a push we do hold ‘Color Sky’ and ‘The Birds (Pts. 1-2)’ in high regard. KD

Monster Rally – Color Sky

Monster Rally – The Birds (Pts. 1-2)

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Year: 2011

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