Psychic Powers – Brighter

Ale Cohen keeps popping up in our online life, first as Languis (their stunning ‘Times Are Changing’ can be heard below) and then with his net collaborator Nik Brinkman on their project together Psychic Powers. This duo tend to skirt across a whole range of genres from shoegaze to dream pop and back to indie like on this new track ‘Brighter’. Makes you wonder what they’ll do next but given that ‘Infinity’ (their debut album) is now in the can we should be up to speed soon enough. ‘Brighter’ is probably their most clean cut release to date, stripped bare and reliant on simple chords and rosy cheeked vocals to get its point across. It has the air of a 90’s derived ditty and for that we like it even more. KD

Psychic Powers – Brighter

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Year: 2010

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