Should – Glasshouse

That new Low track is a hard follow but Should appear to be up to the challenge. Ploughing the same furrow helps of course for ‘Glasshouse’ is about as quiet as a mouse in a brand new pair of enhanced noise reducing slippers. Also included here is the more dynamic but no less graceful ‘Turned Tables’. Both tracks will be included on Should’s first album in 13 years ‘Like A Fire Without Sound’ which we flagged was on its way back in 2007 (worth the wait though). If the evidence on these two tracks is anything to go by the trio appear to have honed their craft so the fuzzed out chords of yesteryear no longer hold court. It is really good to hear what happened to shoegaze after it grew up. KD

Should – Glasshouse

Should – Turned Tables

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Year: 2011

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