The Apartments – The Shyest Time

Like many eighties kids I owe a debt to John Hughes for supplying me with much of the credible new music I heard at the time. The soundtrack’s he pulled together for his teen drama’s were always on the money, none more so than ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ that included the likes of the Jesus & Mary Chain, Pete Shelley, Furniture (‘Brilliant Mind’ remains one of my fave songs ever ““ a creep for the 80’s) and this Australian band the Apartments. Led by Peter Walsh this Brisbane act initially imploded after just one year together in the late 70’s but have since reconvened about half a dozen times. ‘The Shyest Time’ never made it onto any of their albums but proved a perfect fit for geeky gingers and tomboy drummers. Although it sounds slightly tinny now it still boasts a terrific chorus ““ Amanda Jones herself would have been impressed. KD

The Apartments – The Shyest Time

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Year: 1987

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