The Wilderness of Manitoba – Orono Park

One thing that age gives you is the ability to not be as flippant of foreign musical genres versus when you were younger with a rationale that if it ain’t indie it must be broke. I remember avoiding Nick Drake for years because the notion of a singer-writer just gave me the chills. Such a narrow focus (of indie itself) meant that I was the only loser, thankfully I’ve grown up (but still resisting rap, funk and hip-hop it must be said) and acts like the countrified Wilderness of Manitoba (could they soon be the Wilderness of Caribou I wonder?) are greeted with the openness of a canvassing politician. My awkwardness and lack of knowledge of that genre means that I am prone to statements such as ‘doesn’t Melissa Dalton sound a bit like Mrs. Johnny Cash’? Oh well, never mind me. The Wilderness of Manitoba are friends with the Rural Alberta Advantage and as such it is a union that makes utter sense. Their jamboree that is new song ‘Orono Park’ will form part of their forthcoming album ‘When You Left The Fire’ this coming May. I’ll be all ears (and probably getting down with Kanye). KD

The Wilderness of Manitoba – Orono Park

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Year: 2011

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