Youth Mass – Tony Don’t You Worry

I’m getting a certain excited feeling in my gut for Trim’s Youth Mass. They have the exuberance of early U2 and the instincts of a whole host of greats including Explosions In The Sky and the Field Mice (oddly) to suggest they could well make it. And reading those list of influences just proves the range that they are capable of and that just from a few listens of ‘Tony Dont You Worry’. Some forecast eh and it heaps the pressure on their forthcoming ‘Mood Swings’ EP which I’ll be disappointed in if it fails to be anything less than wonderful. Darren Mullarkey’s vocals are certainly to the forefront of proceedings, endless plunging and soaring as the post rockist chords and deep percussion apply the necessary background depth. Post post rock to take your breath away. KD

Youth Mass – Tony Don’t You Worry

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Year: 2011

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  1. susan gantley murphy
    February 24, 2011

    well done lads sound great willie all the hard work and determination is paying off well done

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