Fan Modine – Julu Road

Gordon Zacharias is one of a multitude of talented creatives who wanders through life (on his own or with others – Essex Green, Joe Pernice) committing songs to tape that make people swoon. But for all the adoration and critical acclaim there is still an emptiness, not in the conventional sense ““ more a liquidity one (underlined in this case by the fact that he is signed to BMI rather than EMI). So in an effort to make a crust Zacharias has left it 6 years since his last LP and it’s a remarkable thing that the results sound anything but bitter. If anything ‘Gratitude For The Shipper’ could an early signpost for the sunniest of summers (while still sounding slightly like something that could work in December). You’ll know what I mean when you soak up the incessant happiness that is ‘Julu Road’, a cavalcade of shiny trinkets and polished ornaments put to music. KD

Fan Modine – Julu Road

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Year: 2011

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